English Courses

Welcome to Multi-Lingua School’s English courses, where language learning transcends the ordinary. Our goal is simple but profound: to empower you as a confident and successful language user, ready to make a positive impact in your work environment, community, or country.

Our English Courses are

Tailored for Your Success

All Levels: From Zero Beginner to Advanced, our English language courses cater to all proficiency levels. Whether you’re preparing for your career, socializing, or planning to study or work in another country, we have the perfect level for you.


Personalized Learning: We go beyond one-size-fits-all approaches. Our tutors develop a personal profile for each student, understanding your specific English language needs for your profession or career. Your program is then crafted to align with those goals.


Interactive Learning: Engage in an interactive learning experience that goes beyond the classroom. Socialize with the community, interact with language partners, and embark on tours—real opportunities to practice and enhance your new skills.


Continuous Assessments: Your progress matters to us. Continuous assessments ensure that you receive valuable feedback, and upon completion, you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

Flexible Programs to Suit Your Lifestyle


Tailored Programs: We understand that everyone’s journey is unique. Choose a flexible program based on the time you have,  your interests and your budget.

Three Levels of Excellence




Preparation for career and socializing, Study or work in another country. All skills, six levels from Beginner to Advanced.

Has the option to include biweekly tours of the area, as well as volunteer work within the local community. 


Focused on reading, writing, thinking, listening, and presenting. Ideal for those preparing for academic challenges at Pre/Post Graduate levels or needing support in completing a thesis or journal articles.

English for Business:

Equip yourself with language skills tailored for the business world.

English Literacy for Arabic Speakers:

Preparation for English proficiency courses at international universities, colleges, and language schools.

Why Choose Multi-Lingua for Your English Journey?

People-Oriented Method: Experience a unique, people-oriented method that goes beyond traditional language learning. We believe in nurturing change-makers who can thrive in various professional and social contexts.

Beautiful Town Setting: Immerse yourself in the beauty of our town as you embark on your language journey. Our dedicated tutors, combined with a diverse and interesting program both in and outside the classroom, create an enriching learning environment.