isiXhosa Courses

Embrace the Rhythm of Ncokola

Discover the beauty and richness of isiXhosa with Multi-Lingua School’s isiXhosa courses. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, our courses are designed to immerse you in the language and culture, offering an authentic experience.

Our isiXhosa Course Offerings

Unlocking Conversations

General isiXhosa Courses:

Masiqale (Structured with assessments): Begin your isiXhosa journey with a structured course, guiding you from the basics to intermediate levels.

Masiqhubeke (Structured with assessments): Progress to higher proficiency levels with our intermediate course.

Ncokola Chatshops: Experience language learning through casual and informal “Chat-shops,” enhancing your ability to communicate in real-life scenarios.

 Listening Skills Course:

Beginners – Intermediate Listening Course

Develop your listening skills intensively, laying a strong foundation for effective communication.


Specialized isiXhosa Courses:

XHOSA-MED (Health Sector): Tailored for medical healthcare professionals, this course focuses on language skills crucial for effective communication in healthcare settings.

XHOSA-EDU (Educators): Designed for educators, this course equips you with the language tools needed for effective communication in educational environments.

XHOSA-ADMIN (Business, Retail Sector): For those in the business and retail sector, this course focuses on language skills essential for professional interactions.


Mastering the Rhythm of isiXhosa

Each lesson has a clear objective, guiding you toward specific language proficiency goals.

Expand your isiXhosa vocabulary with a focus on pronunciation and eight critical aspects.

Engage in conversations using essential phrases, questions, and answers.

Explore dialogue, songs, chants, and stories within relevant contexts.

Understand and apply the most critical aspects of isiXhosa grammar.

Why Choose Multi-Lingua for Your isiXhosa Journey?

Tailored to Your Level: From absolute beginners to those reaching intermediate proficiency, our isiXhosa courses cater to a diverse audience. Whether you’re a local, NGO worker, missionary, community worker, teacher, or a healthcare professional, our courses are crafted to meet your specific needs.

Interactive Learning: Engage in a unique approach to learning isiXhosa, blending fun, practicality, and real-world application. We focus on speaking and listening skills, breaking down language barriers through macro and micro listening skills.

Explore our isiXhosa courses, choose the one that resonates with you, and embark on a language journey that goes beyond words.

What our Students Say

“I studied isiXhosa at this school for a year and a half and found it to be very helpful. Helene is enthusiastic, creative and knowledgeable about techniques that will help you to internalize the language you are trying to learn (instead of just rote learning).

Our lessons were fun, useful and practical. You can structure your course to your level and focus area.

The classes will allow you to connect  with language partners from Khayamandi which gives your community skills an authenticity and your confidence a boost.

I would recommend the classes to anyone!”

Savanna, Student of Law, Stellenbosch University, 2019

“Helene Lambrechts (Multi-Lingua) takes the intimidation out of  learning a language that is nothing like my own (American English). She creates a safe environment for success, mistakes, questions and  triumphs.

She makes her students feel exited and confident to learn. I am most grateful.”

Aladrian Aelmore (American Student)