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Business English

An intensive course designed to improve your English to a level suitable for business environments

Welcome, to Multi-Lingua School where language learning is a vibrant journey tailored just for you.

Explore the richness of our courses, designed with the belief that language is not just learned; it’s lived.

Discover the Multi-Lingua Experience

Immerse yourself in a boutique language school that goes beyond the ordinary. Our tailored courses, infused with neuroscience techniques, promise not just language proficiency but an exploration of South African culture. At Multi-Lingua, we’re not just educators; we’re architects of personal growth.

Seize the Day, Embrace Possibilities

Join us on a language adventure that goes beyond textbooks. Our vibrant courses invite you to explore the abundance of language possibilities, fostering a strong connection between you and the South African culture.

Meet the Heart of Multi-Lingua School

Helene Lambrechts and our dedicated team of tutors. As a boutique language school, we pride ourselves on being friendly yet strong, happy yet reassuring. Our commitment to your personal growth is reflected in every lesson.


From the fundamentals to advanced levels, our English courses blend personalised teaching with immersive experiences in South African culture. This is your chance to learn in a relaxed yet boundary-strong atmosphere.


Experience isiXhosa like never before. Our informal conversational style makes learning this beautiful language a joy. Trust us to guide you in a trustworthy yet playful manner. 


Access to any of our English courses, with a cultural immersion experience included. This includes touring the region as well as the possibility to volunteer with local charities.